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Our task at Joyce-Collingwood is to create a project that will bring a high degree of artistry and beauty to an already well-functioning neighbourhood. As such, our project is tailored to fit the community, adding vibrancy to the neighborhood’s streetscape and honoring the area’s heritage. The architecture of the building was inspired by the concept of a quilt, representing a multitude of narratives from the cultures of the neighborhood. Layered on top of the metaphorical quilt, expressed in the project’s balconies, is the outline of Still Creek, one of the only remaining exposed creeks left in Vancouver that runs through the Joyce-Collingwood community.

One of the most important characteristics of this area is its attractiveness to families. To help foster family-living in the neighborhood, we have ensured that 65% of the homes at JOYCE are two bedroom or larger, one of the highest percentages of family housing offered in a new development in generations. We have continued this thinking in the planning of the amenity space, where we have included a multifunctional space that will serve as a library, study room and music room for residents. With incredible views from Queen Elizabeth park to the North Shore mountains and downtown to the airport, there is little doubt this space will become a focal point for the residences of JOYCE.