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60 West Cordova

Vancouver, BC
Project Size
91,000 sf
Henriquez Partners Architects
Landscape Architects
Durante Kreuk Ltd.

60 West Cordova came along at exactly the right time for Westbank, enabling us to continue to contribute positively to the neighbourhood around Woodward’s.

60 W. Cordova is a prototype for providing achievable home ownership in Vancouver. Based on principles of inclusivity and doing more with less, developed in collaboration with Vancity, Portland Hotel Society and Habitat for Humanity. By working with our partner Vancity, which was an absolutely first-class experience from the start, we managed to create 96 affordable market homes. Working with the Portland Hotel Society Community Services (PHS) and Habitat for Humanity meant that an additional 12 deeply discounted homes were offered. To do this, we utilized a variety of strategies such as offering very limited parking, creating additional density, spending almost nothing on marketing and reducing selling expenses. Combined with an innovative financing package by Vancity this resulted in truly affordable housing in a city which is notoriously unaffordable.